7 reasons why lip balm is totally underrated

There are some things that are totally underrated in life: blankets, non-awkward silences, bagels, waking up in a fabulous mood for no specific reason. Y’know, that really good stuff that we sometimes forget about. 

In the beauty world, lip balm is up there with the bagels, but also those essential but overlooked products that give us pure joy! Which is why we’ve included one in October’s bettybox, you lucky things you.

The hydrating sticks of moisture (that usually taste increds btw) hold a pretty important place in our makeup bags. Here’s why...

  1. It’s makeup magic

You can smash the no makeup makeup trend with minimal effort. Soft, glossy lips in all of two seconds. Done.

  1. It’s super handy 

It fits in your school blazer, your shirt pocket, heck even your pencil case and it is actually practical because unlike your fave pink lippy, it won’t melt like an ice pop from your body heat. 

  1. It’s smooch proof

If you’re getting UCAP (up close and personal, fyi) with your crush from the year above, you won’t be caught making a sticky mess all over their face. Oh lip gloss, how you betray us.

  1. It doesn’t care about wind

Unlike your glossiest lip shade, your lip balm isn’t freaking out about the hair-down-strong-wind combo. So, wear your locks long and proud this autumn without having to worry about accidentally flossing your teeth with a strand of flyaway hair *shudder*.

  1. It’s good for your lips

Lip balm acts like a little protective layer on your lips, deeply moisturising them and keeping them hydrated. If it doesn’t contain any artificial flavours, it won’t irritate your sensitive smackeroos either.   


  1. It’s undetectable 

You won’t get detention for rocking lip balm in the school corridors – it’s practically medicinal, right? Mwahahahah.


  1. It’s Katy Perry approved

Katy Perry dedicates pretty much a whole chorus to the sweet stuff in I Kissed A Girl, and we would like to kiss her, so for that reason lip balm life. #KatyCatForever.


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