A guide to your spot locations and what your skin’s trying to tell you

A guide to your spot locations and what your skin’s trying to tell you

Picture the scene. You’ve woken up, headed over to the mirror to check out your fine self, and there’s a new best friend sitting on your face. It’s bright red, it’s practically waving at you, and it definitely wasn’t invited to the party.


There are all sorts of reasons why you’ve been blessed by a super-shiny spot because spots are actually your body’s way of trying to tell you something. Whether it’s a heads up that your period’s on the way, you’re using too much product or you’re neglecting your five-a-day, it’s basically a message in a bottle. But on your face.


The location that your spots most often pop up in can actually tell you a lot about what’s going on inside your body. Here are some handy hints to figure out what your skin is trying to tell you.


A spotty forehead


Are you rocking a heavy fringe at the moment? While they look all kinds of awesome, they do have a tendency to gather grease from styling products and sweat throughout the day, which will lead to a load of pesky pimples. Try pinning it back for a couple of weeks to see if things clear up.


If you’re fringeless, spots on your forehead can also be an indication that you haven’t been eating too healthily. No biggie, but too much red meat or saturated fat could be to blame, so up your intake of fresh veggies, herbal teas and water to combat the forehead spots with a mini detox.


Spotty cheeks


Gah, spots on your cheeks are no joke. It seriously hurts to prod and poke those bad boys, and there’s actual betrayal involved too. Your ultimate best friend – your PHONE – could be to blame.


Think about it – you’re forever touching the screen with your fingers without washing them first, and then pressing the screen against your face. Bleugh. The same goes for if you’re a serial face toucher, or if you have a habit of leaning on your hands while you’re concentrating. Try your best to keep your hands away from your face, and giving your phone a quick wipe every now and again definitely wouldn’t hurt.



Spots between your brows


Fed up of having lumps and bumps popping up between those lovely brows of yours? You probably just need to chill out, pal. Spots in the middle of or around your eyebrows are often related to stress. The worst part is that stress can leave you with an oily T-zone, which then leads to blocked pores, which then lead to more spots, which then probably lead to more spot-related stress. It’s the cirrrcle of liiife.


A spotty nose


And if you’re finding that the blemishes just won’t quit around your nose and T-zone then, similarly to your brows, it’s bound to be stress related. If you’re freaking out about your crazy workload, endless revision or something that’s kicked off in your friendship group, your body will be releasing adrenaline the whole time.


This affects your body by increasing oil production and then the spots are officially incoming. If you’re feeling stressed, make time for a pamper session to a) unwind to improve your mental health, and b) get the face masks and acne treatment onto your T-zone while chilling out.



Spots near your mouth


We relate to this one on a spiritual level, because spots around your mouth basically means that you just love food SO MUCH. Residue from acidic foods can irritate and inflame your skin, while any residue left from scoffing great greasy foods like pizza or chips (yum) will block your pores. Keeping a packet of facial cleansing wipes handy to remove any invisible traces around your mouth after meals could be the answer.


A spotty jawline


While they’re not quite as in-your-face as the rest, spots along your jaw are no less irritating and can easily become inflamed and sore. This one could be a result of what you’re putting into your body.


Weirdly, experts claim that spots on the jawline can actually be linked to an inflamed large intestine, which often comes into trouble if you’ve been eating heavily processed foods. That’s stuff like ready meals, crisps and biscuits which include a lot of complicated ingredients that don’t make much sense. Opting for simpler, more natural foods like fruits, veggies and nuts (yeah we know, snooze), might help to clear up your skin issues.



A spotty hairline


Finding that spots gather around your face and right up to your hairline? The products you’re using could definitely be behind ‘em. If you’re overloading your lovely locks with life savers like dry shampoo, hairspray or hair oil, and then sticking your fingers into your roots for the perfect tousled look, you’re only clogging up the pores around the hair.


Avoid applying products near your forehead altogether, and try to wash your hands after you apply heavy hair products. Include your hairline when you’re cleansing your face too (but use a soft touch), and follow up with a gentle daily toner for a bit of extra help.


A spotty chin

Pretty much everyone gets a spotty chin once a month and yep, you guessed it, they’re just the cherry on top of getting your period. Chin spots are very often hormone-related, so there’s not a whole lot you can do aside from get enough sleep and drink a ton of water.


The monthly treat from mother nature will often by cystic rather than satisfying spots that you can pop, but resist the urge to poke at those under-the-skin lumps. Rev up your spot fighting skincare the week before your period by using products with spot-fighting salicylic acid in the ingredients. And if your skin is persistently bad during your time of the month, you might wanna have a chat with the doctor – they can offer prescription treatments to level out your hormones and keep breakouts at bay.



A spotty chest or back


Bacne or chest-ne (is that a thing?) are absolutely no fun, and can really get you down in the summer when everyone’s wearing cute strappy clothes. Maybe you’re wearing the wrong bra or t-shirt. Cotton fabrics quickly absorb sweat and then keep it close to your skin all day – and acne-causing bacteria thrives in moist conditions. Make sure to wear proper sweat-absorbing gear when you’re exercising or hanging out in the heat.


Your shower routine could also be to blame. Stick to a simple pH balanced products. Shampoo residue is a particularly sneaky culprit, so wash your hair, condition it, rinse - then wrap it up in a shower cap and wash your body properly afterwards. You’ll limit the oils from your conditioner irritating your freshly washed skin.


But more importantly than all of this, remember if you’re struggling with your skin, EVERYONE gets spots all over the place. It’s totally normal – but the doctor is always there to have a chat to if you feel like they’re getting you down.

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