Five awesome breakfast recipes to help boost your brain power

Five awesome breakfast recipes to help boost your brain power

They (whoever ‘they’ are) say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes it can be the one that’s easiest to skip. Dry toast, soggy cereal or a slightly soft apple aren’t exactly the most appealing options... but did you know that as well as looking great on Instagram, a good brekkie is VITAL for boosting your brain power?

With exam season just around the corner, it’s time to start making your morning meal count by mixing up your recipes to a) be way more delicious and exciting, and b) include a few genius ingredients that could help keep you full and focused all day long.

Stuff like nuts, seeds, berries and veggies might not sound as appetising as a giant bowl of Coco Pops, but just wait ’til you see these five awesome recipes that are about to TOTALLY change your breakfast game.

1. All things avocado

Tacos for breakfast? Yep, dreams really do come true. And aside from the fluffy, soft tortilla, crispy bacon, fried eggs and melted cheese, a mega helping of avocado on top is where the brain boosting powers come into play.

Every organ in your body – and especially your brain – is reliant on blood flow, and the monounsaturated fats in avocados are brill for enhancing and increasing that. They’ll fire up your brain cells at super speeds, and their potassium will also help to lower your blood pressure when you’re stressed.

Check out this cheesy BLAT breakfast taco recipe of dreams and have absolutely no regrets.

2. Break out the blueberries

Smoothies can be a pretty unsatisfying breakfast that’ll only leave you hungry as hell a couple of hours later. No one needs hunger distractions when they’re trying to revise, so instead opt for a smoothie’s epic upgrade sibling, the smoothie bowl.

Perfect for summer, smoothie bowls are creamy, cold, thick and filling, but it’s the berries you chuck on top which really provide the good stuff. Blueberries are uhmazing for your brain – studies have shown they can boost concentration and memory for up to five hours, as their antioxidants stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain to keep you switched on.

Rustle up this ultimate summer breakfast recipe, packed with blueberries, buckwheat oats and almond milk. Smooth.

3. Breakfast pizza? Sure

Is this real life? Breakfast pizza is actually a thing that exists, and providing you don’t go and whack a load of pepperoni on top, it can actually be a pretty healthy option for your body and your brain.

Broccoli is the best possible topping you can opt for (and it goes seriously well with some runny egg yolks). It’s packed with vitamin K, which can help improve your cognitive abilities, as well as a chemical called sulforaphane which research shows could actually help the brain repair itself.

Learn the basics with The Hairy Bikers’ breakfast pizza recipe, then raid the fridge and get creative with your topping choices.

4. A liiiittle bit of chocolate

Told you that breakfast could be great. Anything involving chocolate is great. Just make sure that it’s dark chocolate you’re opting for when it comes to topping your brekkie. It contains a (very) small amount of caffeine which can heighten your mental alertness, along with magnesium to help de-stress – and if you’re a serious chocoholic, will even release endorphins to make you feel good.

These chocolate protein pancakes are a pretty genius invention as they’ll also provide you with long lasting, slow release energy to keep working hard, and you can top them with berries for extra brain boosting nutrients. Coco PROPS.

5. Overnight oats, obvs

Compared to piles of chocolate pancakes and breakfast tacos, overnight oats might sound like the boring option – but actually, they’re what you make ‘em. First off, they’re a handy choice as (just like the name suggests) you make them the night before, which gives you an extra precious 15 minutes in bed.

They’re also the perfect recipe for cramming in as much brain-boosting food as you possibly can. Oats themselves provide a slow and steady boost in blood sugar for sustained brain power, but the extra treats you can mix with ’em are where it really makes a difference.

Berries are an obvious choice, but how about bananas, raisins, fruit or nuts and seeds, which are full of vitamin E, antioxidants and amino acids to jump-start your focus. Flax seeds and chia seeds are also brill – all the magnesium, vitamins, fatty acids and fibre you could ever need.

This fruity, yoghurty version of overnight oats (sorry, ‘parfait’) is a great recipe, but you can totally invent your own.

Now ‘scuse us please, it’s time to scoff every single one of these and turn into a very happy genius.

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