What’s your birthstone style?

What’s your birthstone style?

Did you know that every month is linked to a certain stone? Find the month of your birth below to reveal your birthstone, then discover how one little gem can say all sorts about your personality and life, as well as looking kinda cute on a chain around your neck. If you don’t already own jewellery featuring your birthstone, worry not. Each month has a list of alternatives, so you can rock the birthstone vibe without having to go out and buy, y’know, a diamond or something. Let’s be real – we’re not Kim K.

January: Garnet

Colour: Dark red (they come in every colour except blue, but dark red is the most common)

What is it? A semi-precious gemstone.

Meaning: This little beauty symbolises love and faith and is said to help the wearer feel calm and confident.

Mystical powers: People say it can prevent nightmares and snake bites (maybe don’t test that last one).

How to wear it: Garnet looks great with fancy fabrics like velvet and faux fur.

Alternative stones: Emerald (green), rose quartz (pink).

February: Amethyst

Colour: Purple

What is it? A type of quartz that has been prized by royalty for centuries. Has Megan Markle got some amethyst sparkle coming her way?

Meaning: Wearing this calming gem is said to bring peace and serenity – and a little bit of luck!

Mystical powers: Need a burst of courage? This purple stone could help you out.

How to wear it: Amethyst and silver are a winning combo.

Alternative stones: Pearl, zircon, jade, quartz (all various colours) or bloodstone (dark green with red flecks).

March: Aquamarine

Colour: Blue-green

What is it? A gemstone from the same group as emeralds.

Meaning: Named after the Latin word for seawater, aquamarine is linked to happiness, health and hope.

Mystical powers: Some say that this stone can bring love your way. Swit-swoooo!

How to wear it: Channel your inner mermaid and pair this beauty with tousled salt-spray waves. Gold jewellery makes this pretty stone pop.

Alternative stones: Jade, quartz (both various colours), bloodstone (dark green with red flecks), jasper (red-brown).

April: Diamond

Colour: Clear

What is it? A precious gemstone loved for its amazing sparkle.

Meaning: Diamonds represent good health, courage and eternal love. That’s why they’re a popular choice for engagement rings. Beyoncé’s diamond ring is worth $5 million!

Mystical powers: In the old days, people believed that diamonds could keep you sane.

How to wear it: Add bling to your outfit with sparkling diamonds (or other clear stones) when you’re going out-out.

Alternative stones: Clear quartz, white topaz, sapphire (blue), opal (various colours).

May: Emerald

Colour: Green

What is it? A precious gemstone, almost as valuable as diamonds.

Meaning: This stone represents faithfulness, love, wisdom and patience. What a combo.

Mystical powers: In Ancient Greece, noblemen were ordered to wear emeralds around their necks to protect their eyesight.

How to wear it: Take a tip from the Greeks and wear a green stone around your neck. Layer it up with other necklaces for chilled boho styling.

Alternative stones: Agate (various colours), crysoprase (green), sapphire (blue), aquamarine (blue-green).

June: Pearl

Colour: Creamy, milky tones (although they can also be black, pink, grey or brown)

What is it? A gem formed by mollusks such as clams, oysters and mussels.

Meaning: Purity, generosity and loyalty.

Mystical powers: Pearls are said to bring wealth – could wearing a pearl bring you some dollar?

How to wear it: Toughen up their soft look by teaming tiny pearl ear studs with a biker or bomber jacket and boots.

Alternative stones: Alexandrite, moonstone, agate (all various colours), turquoise (blue-green).

July: Ruby

Colour: Red

What is it? A precious gemstone.

Meaning: Love, peace and strength of character. A ruby could bring good luck and friends your way.

Mystical powers: Remember how Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz clicked her heels together to get home? Rubies were the amazing power behind her magical shoes!

How to wear it: Mix red gems with other colours of stone for an eclectic look.

Alternative stones: Carnelian (orange-red), black onyx, turquoise (blue-green).

August: Peridot

Colour: Pale green

What is it? A gemstone that can be found in volcanic lava and meteorites. Kinda cool, huh?

Meaning: Strength, peace, love and success.

Mystical powers: People say this stone can ward off nightmare and depression – big claims for a little gem, non?!

How to wear it: This delicate shade looks gorgeous when layered up with a bunch of necklaces in different styles.

Alternative stones: Moonstone, topaz (both various colours), sardonyx (orange with white bands), carnelian (orange-red), diamond (clear), sapphire (blue), jade (green).

September: Sapphire

Colour: Most commonly, deep blue

What is it? A precious gemstone, as seen on K-Middy’s royal finger.

Meaning: Truth, serenity, loyalty and wisdom.

Mystical powers: It was once believed that you could kill a snake by placing it in a container made of sapphires. We’ve all got one of them lying around in the back of a cupboard somewhere, right?!

How to wear it: Dress down this dramatic stone with jeans and a tee.

Alternative stones: Agate, moonstone (both various colours), lapis lazuli (dark blue), peridot (pale green), diamond (clear).

October: Opal

Colour: White and green are most common

What is it? A gemstone that comes in virtually every colour of the rainbow.

Meaning: Purity, faithfulness, confidence, hope, creativity and innocence.

Mystical powers: In the old days, people believed that wearing an opal could protect against evil and jealousy.

How to wear it: Green stones suit a beachy look, so pop on some green accessories next time you’ve got the sand between your toes.

Alternative stones: Tourmaline, zircon (both various colours), aquamarine (blue-green), jasper (red-brown).

November: Citrine

Colour: Yellow

What is it? A type of quartz crystal.

Meaning: Wisdom, courage and sincerity.

Mystical powers: This crystal is linked to strength and healing, and some people carry it for protection.

How to wear it: Versatile citrine is great for a capsule wardrobe, so pop something yellow in your case next time you pack for hols.

Alternative stones: Topaz, pearl (both various colours), diamond (clear).

December: Blue topaz

Colour: Sky blue

What is it? Topaz is a gemstone that occurs in many colours: blue is one of the rarest colours.

Meaning: This gorgeous stone represents love and affection.

Mystical powers: It’s said to bring happiness and increase intellect. True or not, it’ll do you no harm to rock a blue stone on exam day.

How to wear it: Blue topaz brings the party to any OOTD, so add a blue stone to any look that needs a little extra something.

Alternative stones: Turquoise (blue-green), tanzanite (blue-purple), zircon (various), bloodstone (dark green with red flecks), lapis lazuli (dark blue), black onyx.

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