first period box

introducing the first period box from betty

whether you’ve started your period recently, or are anticipating it’s arrival, betty's first period box has everything you need (and want!) to tackle your period like a pro.

from the real needs...

from the real needs (hello pads!!) to some bits we feel are defo necessary (chocolate, bath stuff and a book with loads of info).


there’s also some treats (with a value of over £65!) in there just to make you smile, and feel good about yourself. because let's face it, this is a new thing for you and if now isn't the perfect time for some lovely things to make you smile, when is?



what do I get?

so obvs we’ll hook you up with bettypads. they're designed specifically for you. we've sized them differently to other femcare brands (what is normal anyway?) so, to help you find your fit we’ve thrown in a few of each size - it’ll be enough to get you through your first period and you can figure out which size is comfortable and right for you for your next one! not only are bettypads made to fit you, they’re made with some seriously good for you (and the environment) stuff, there's more info on them below!


whats special about bettypads?

our bettypads are made to fit you! they contain just four ingredients:

1. 100% organic cotton core

2. super-soft bamboo top sheet

3. plant-based backing

4. non-toxic adhesive. they are free of: pesticides, synthetic fibres, dyes, toxins, latex, formaldehyde, and fragrances. bettypads are also hypoallergenic and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, not to mention biodegradable and of course SUPER absorbant. (whoo-hoo!)


bettypads, pick 'n' mix

if you just want the pads - and none of the frills - feel free to request a betty sample pack here. or, if you know what size you are, get a pick 'n' mix box where you call the shots. each month you can pick what you need from our range of brill products to suit you, and your changing period. and as your pick 'n' mix box is delivered straight to your door each month, it cuts out any confusion in the supermarket aisles (yep, we’ve all been there)


“The website is a great resource for girls that want a gossip or to find out more about periods. Bright, clearly laid out & full of interesting articles it’s perfect for all age groups.."

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“I adore my @bettycollective monthly subscription box for all my monthly period essentials!

Two hearts"



“It’s a great idea and will go a long way to beginning to break down the silence around periods and really to getting girls talking more openly about them."


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