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personalise your period with betty pick 'n' mix when it comes to periods, we know that every single one of you is different. so we've created pick 'n' mix to let you call the shots.

we've cut out the hassle

now you don't have to buy so many different products for one period (because we're fab like that).


choose 25 products

build a box that's perfect for your period. select 25 from our ace range of day and night pads, liners and wipes. whatever you need to make managing your period a breeze.


find your fit

we don't use labels like ‘normal’, ‘super’ or ‘super plus’ and instead use a simple size based numbering system 1-4. because who really knows what ‘normal’ is anyway?


delivered to your door

each month, you can pick 'n' mix our range of brill products to suit you and your period.


and as your pick 'n' mix box is delivered straight to your door, it cuts out any confusion in the supermarket aisles (yep, we’ve all been there).


“I signed up to betty box last month! Received the first box today for my daughter! It’s brilliant 👍🏻 she’s delighted with it."



“It’s a great idea and will go a long way to beginning to break down the silence around periods and really to getting girls talking more openly about them.”


@Perfectly Imperfect

“Betty does not just manufacture tampons a pads, it is also creating – a lifestyle portal for teens full of stories and advice relating to the ups and downs of puberty"

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