who is betty?

about us

hello, we're betty and we love periods. we want the conversation about periods, pads and puberty to get a little more interesting and a lot more fun.

what we do

we've designed a range of period must-haves, called bettypads, which are made just for you.


we also have a blog full of info on periods, puberty and more. we hope this means your period will seem a little less scary. betty is a safe place filled with loads of content just for you - and a ton of period info that you could easily get your hands on (because we think it’s reeeallly important that you learn about all the cool changes that happen to your body during puberty)..


bettypads, find your fit...

we also make pads that are designed just for you. bettypads are smaller, mega absorbent, there are no nasties and they’re biodegradable (the first in the UK!)


we don't use labels like ‘regular’, ‘super’ or ‘super plus’ and instead use a simple numbering system 1-4. because who really knows what ‘normal’ is anyway? our range of bettypads are perfect for teenagers and should be your go-to pads to try when first starting your period.



“The website is a great resource for girls that want a gossip or to find out more about periods. Bright, clearly laid out and full of interesting articles it’s perfect for all age groups.."


“It’s a great idea and will go a long way to beginning to break down the silence around periods and really to getting girls talking more openly about them.”



I adore my @bettycollective monthly subscription box for all my monthly period essentials! Two hearts .”




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